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Case Study

Champions League cup - Interactive press launch

Champions League cup
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Interactive press launch
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The Brief

Create a unique press event with a surprise element.

Our approach

We worked closely with Bearded Kitten, the event production company, to create an immersive feel for the press viewing of Chelsea vs Barcelona – Champions Lague match.

Part 1.

  • The first half of the match was watched in an Olde London Chelsea Pub – with staff in tweed flat caps. The menu was classic British pub food:
  • Ploughman’s platters
  • Ham Hock terrine & Pickles
  • Pie n mash w/ Peas n Gravy
  • Bread ‘n’ Marmite  Butter

During half time, we staged a ruckus where a flying punch sent a fan flying through the TV screen to reveal a Spanish taverna


Part 2. 
  • The second half of the match was watched in a Barcelona tapas bar with Flamenco & sangria. The menu was traditional Spanish tapas:
  • Sangria
  • Los Boquerones
  • Patatas Bravas
  • Albondigas
  • Tortilla

The outcome

The concept was a two-sided secret venue where the guests would be immersed initially in a locker room, motivated and sent onto the pitch. They then emerged in a Chelsea boozer for the first half and progressed into a tapas bar for the second half watch. Food and drink were themed to the different cultures.

The punters loved it, the crowd went crazy!

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