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Event Catering: How to Plan the Food and Drink for Your Event

Event Catering: How to Plan the Food and Drink for Your Event
February 02 Words by hertech

Below we’ll be sharing lots of useful catering-related info with you. Your questions will be answered and your tastebuds will be tantalised.

Putting on a great event involves good planning and the flexibility to adapt when things change. Once you’ve decided on the fundamentals (date, venue, budget, number of guests), you’re ready to arrange the event catering. There’s much to consider, including the type of food, what drinks you want to serve, timings, and venue restrictions. On this page, we’ll explore all these areas and more, and explain how an event catering company in London can help.

Your guests are the most important thing about your event, so put them first when planning. Consider how each detail—the food and drink, of course, but also the decor, styling, and floristry—can enhance the atmosphere you’re trying to create. Consistency is key, but often less is more: guests would rather be tempted by two delicious drinks than bewildered by a choice often.

Planning the Food

Your guest list informs your menu. If your guests’ tastes are traditional then fresh takes on the classics work well. Rather than salmon blinis, how about vodka-cured salmon and beetroot tartare on endive? If they have more adventurous palates, wow them with exciting new flavour combinations. You could choose a theme—Asian, Mexican, or Greek, for example—to make your event stand out. And don’t forget to cater for vegans, vegetarians, and those with allergies and intolerances.

Food that delights is a must, but experienced caterers will make sure it’s suited to the setting and season too. If guests are standing they need food they can eat with one hand so they can hold a drink with the other. If you’re entertaining in winter, comfort food is great but people often prefer lighter food in summer. To make your menu even more eye-catching and delicious, include ingredients that will be available locally at the time of your event.

Knowing the Venue

Knowing the venue is vital. It’s possible that health and safety rules at your chosen location will affect how you plan the event catering and what food you can serve. At venues that don’t allow frying or grilling on-site, or if the event is outside and there are no ovens to warm food, you need to get creative with the menu. This might mean creating hearty stews or a rich tagine that can be reheated easily. If the venue’s facilities are really limited don’t worry — we can bring our own pop-up kitchen.

Seating should be arranged so guests are comfortable and they (and event catering staff) can move easily around the venue. You don’t want guests and staff tripping over each other. Event catering is like a performance: everything needs to be choreographed perfectly.

Working With an Event Catering Company

Running an event can be stressful, and knowing what works only comes from experience. If you decide not to go it alone, collaborating with professional caterers like Canababes is simple. First – the initial consultation, on the phone or in person, when you tell us about your guests and what you’re trying to achieve. Then, if necessary, we carry out a site visit to get to grips with the venue. 

After that, we create tailored menus for you to consider. Next, we invite you to enjoy a tasting at our kitchen in the heart of foodie Hackney, East London, where we discuss your event in detail. Finally, we draw up an event catering plan for your approval and make preparations for the big day. To guarantee your peace of mind, if you’re planning a wedding, we provide an additional ‘wedding coordinator’ service, which offers on-demand support from booking to the time of the event. 

As a well-established event catering company in London, we have tried and tested ways of doing things. But we adapt our approach to your needs so you receive a truly bespoke service. We know all our staff personally, which makes a real difference to the service you receive on the day. And, thanks to our team of stylists and event planners, we can manage any aspect of the organisation for you, not just the food. 

We hope you’ve found this short guide useful. If you’d like to know more about how Canababes can help you plan an exciting event with bags of personality—whether it’s an intimate party or a lavish banquet—get in touch today. We’d love to hear your ideas.

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